Does writing every day crush your soul?

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Tell me if you can relate to this as a writer …

Do you sit there, sometimes morning after morning, in front of a blank laptop screen, pulling your hair out because the ideas will not come? But then for one magical weekend—out of the blue—your fingers are practically breakdancing over the keys?

A very frustrated person
If you feel this way when you sit down to write, go ahead and leave your hair in. It’s normal! (Mikhail Nilov)
That right there is a textbook case of “skip-a-beat inspiration”—and I’m happy to tell you there’s nothing wrong with that.

It happens to the best of us.

Trying to pull words out of your brain when you’re not feeling inspired is like trying to squeeze juice out of an orange that fell off the fruit stand, rolled into the street, and got run over by seven cars in a row. Try wringing a glass of OJ out of that thing.

Award-winning, bestselling author Jennifer Lieberman phrases it a little differently, but basically agrees. “I’m not the kind of writer who writes every day,” she says in my interview with her this month. “One week of inspired writing can yield a greater outcome than six months of forced writing.”

Can you relate to this? Comments welcome!

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