This week’s #1 book! And why I’m cranky today

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Where I live, it’s cold.

Like, really cold. And I am not a big fan of winter.

The numb hands, the sniffles, the slippery sidewalks—not ideal, but I can live with it.

The worst thing about winter, though? Hands down: getting buried up to my head in a snowdrift! I know it happens to everybody a few times a day, but lately it seems like there’s one lurking around every corner.

So yeah, I’m extra cranky.

But there’s one thing I actually love about winter.

In fact, it’s the one part of winter I can’t live without: pouring a steaming hot cup of coffee on a frigid Sunday morning, and sitting down to discover new books.

A man and woman stand holding snow shovels
Thanks to these two for digging me out of my latest snowdrift (Nataliya Vaitkevich)
And guess what? It just so happens that the latest edition of Tim’s Discovery List just rolled off the press.

I’m sure, on a dreary morning like this, the #1 book is one that will surely brighten my day: it’s a … okay, maybe not. It’s a dark fantasy novel.

But maybe it has a nice uplifting title, so I can—

Love Lies Bleeding.

Okay, not so much.

But Love Lies Bleeding, written by indie author Aspasia S. Bissas, has 2 reviews so far and boasts a 4-star average rating, making it our Top Dog this week.

Before we check out this book, a quick PSA: if you’ve read (or written) a great self-published book lately, please add it to the List. We’re all here to discover!

Cover for Love Lies Bleeding by Aspasia S. BissasAs for the thrilling premise of this week’s top book:

What happens when a predator loves its prey?

Centuries-old Mara is dying a slow death when she meets Lee, a young man whose life has never belonged to him. Thrown together, they’re forced to fight those who would destroy them and survive a slew of enemies they never expected, even as Mara falls into a downward spiral of delusion and obsession. Will she make a devil’s deal to save both their souls? With pasts like theirs, can they ever have a future?

Make this your read of the week! Love Lies Bleeding is available on Amazon.

And remember …

We are looking for more outstanding self-published books, so please add your latest find here. With your help, this List will truly have every self-published book worth reading!

I’m Timothy Pike, copy editor and self-publishing coach, and I’ve been in the book business since 2014. I created the writing and reading community ChapterBuzz to help authors publish their books affordably, and founded Books & Buzz Magazine to showcase prominent authors, reviewers, and books. Join our private book society on Facebook!

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