Let’s discuss: in winter, where’s your go-to cozy place to read?

Timothy Pike | About me

If you’re like me, you enjoy reading at any time of year. But there’s just something—and I hope you’ll agree with me here—about reading when outside it’s snowing and the wind is howling.

My favorite reading nook of all time. At least it was—until the owner of the house burst in, demanded to know who I was, and threatened to call the police
(Ricardo Esquivel)

Everyone has their favorite spot to read, but some do things a little differently in winter, and I think it’s time we sat down and talked about it.

So when the mercury drops, and you have a few minutes to yourself, where do you plonk yourself down to read?

Maybe it involves a crackling fireplace. Personally, I love cueing up a YouTube video of a roaring fire on my laptop—and full-screening that sucker—to give ambience to a bedroom that otherwise has all the warmth and charm of a frozen pipe.

Or perhaps your ritual is simple: pour a hot cup of tea and laze in your well-worn easy chair.

So tell us…

What’s your favorite warm and cozy reading nook in the winter?

Throw in a comment below!

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